What is the pressure of PVC plastic wire hoses?

PVC hose enhanced hose is used in the ideal pipes of common equipment such as industry, agriculture, fisheries, buildings and houses, and the ideal pipeline of natural gas and oil. The interior and outer tube wall of the PVC hose enhance the uniform and smooth hose, without bubbles. PVC fiber enhanced hoses have stress tolerance, stretching stretching, pH -resistant resistance, oil resistance, softness and mildness, good transparency and bending without the advantages of death. In terms of oil, gas transmission, infusion, etc., it can partially replace metal pipes, rubber pipes and ordinary plastic hoses, and has important development and application value.
PVC hose enhanced hose is widely used in mechanical, coal mines, oil, chemistry, architecture, civilians and other fields. It is suitable for transportation of pressure or corrosive gas and liquid. The essence allows us to take a look at the pressure of PVC fiber reinforcement hose.
PVC fiber enhancement hose
1. It is recommended to use PVC fiber reinforcement hoses in the appropriate temperature and instruction range.
2. PVC fiber enhanced hose expansion and contraction with its internal pressure and temperature effects. Please cut the hose to the required length during the trial period.
3. When applying pressure, open the valve slowly to prevent the hose from being damaged by impact pressure.
4. When using negative pressure, the hose should be reasonably selected according to the different changes and conditions of the conditions. Globally, the PVC plastic wire dormitory has now become one of the main industries of my country’s plastic industry.
In recent years, with the rapid development of global automobile manufacturing, petroleum mining, agricultural reservoir, marine chemistry industry, and the construction industry, the demand for hose is increasing, and competition with international competition has continued to increase. The continuous improvement of hose technology and production methods, standards and structures, and the application scope of PVC fiber enhanced hose is also expanding.

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