PVC Industrial Products


PVC Industrial Products



    PVC fiber reinforced hose is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is a high quality polyester tube which uses polyester as a raw material and combines a layer of fiber to enhance its strength. However, it should not be used for the transportation of drinking water.
    Due to the high quality of PVC fiber reinforced hoses, the wide range of their use is guaranteed. It is suitable for the transportation of pressurized or corrosive gases and liquids. It is widely used in machinery, coal, petroleum, chemical, agricultural irrigation, construction, civil and other fields. It is also widely used in gardens and lawns.
    The PVC fiber reinforced pipe material has a three-layer structure, the inner and outer layers are PVC soft plastic, and the middle layer is a polyester fiber reinforced mesh, that is, the strong polyester is a mesh reinforcing layer formed by two-way winding.



    PVC GAS HOSE is a flexible, lightweight liquefied petroleum gas(LPG)/propane delivery and transfer hose.The constructionincorporates multiple textile plies of reinforcement for flexibility and kink resistance.The perforated cover is resistant to mildchemicals, oil and ozone.
    Our Gas hoses are manufactured with high quality steel wire and a polyvinyl chloride,providing extensive durability with a maximum working pressure.



    our PVC layflat hose commonly refers to lay flat hose, discharge hose, delivery hose, pump hose.Flat hose is perfect forwater, light chemicals and other industrial, agricultural, irigation, mineral and construction fluids. lt has a continuous hightensilestrength polyester fiber circularly woven to provide reinforcement. Thus it is one of the most durable lay flat hoses inthe industry. Besides, it is designed as a standard duty hose in residential, industrial and construction.



    PVC air hose is the most common and economical choice for general air transfer applications. We using black or clear PVC compound as inner tube material for high thermal stability. Featured with light weight, kink resistance and excellent flexibility, PVC air hoses are widely used in compressed air transfer, ventilation technology, pneumatic tools and so on.

  • PVC Water Suction Hose

    PVC Water Suction Hose

    This suction hose is made of high quality extra thick commercial grade PVC material and reinforced with polyester yarn with added radial fibers for improved tensile strength, break resistance, high pressure resistance. Remains soft and elastic when transferring liquids at low temperatures. Heavy-duty pool hoses are properly cleaned and maintained to keep them hygienic all season long.

  • Flexible Clear PVC Hoses

    Flexible Clear PVC Hoses

    PVC clear hose is flexible, durable, non-toxic, without odor. And it’s resistant to high pressure and erosion. By adding colorful symbol lines on the surface of the hose, it looks more beautiful. This hose has good oil-resistance, excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and many solvents except esters, ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons.
    Clear PVC Pipe has smooth interior walls for unimpeded flow and reduced sediment buildup; non-contaminating for purity applications; and ease of handling and installation.Clear PVC hose makes it easier to view the liquid inside the tubes, which can prevent kinks and the incorrect transfer of liquids through certain lines.

  • PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose

    PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose

    PVC steel wire pipe is a PVC hose with embedded steel wire skeleton. The inner and outer tube walls are transparent, smooth, and free of air bubbles, and the fluid transportation is clearly visible; it is resistant to low-concentration acid and alkali, has high elasticity, is not easy to age, and has a long service life; it is resistant to high pressure and can maintain its original shape under high pressure and vacuum.

  • Outstanding Quality Flexible Food Grade Clear 8mm Transparent Braided Pvc Hose

    Outstanding Quality Flexible Food Grade Clear 8mm Transparent Braided Pvc Hose

    The hose is divided into industrial hose and food hose, which are easy to understand and applicable to different fields! Now we all pay more attention to food hygiene and safety, so we pay great attention to the hose hygiene used in food production! Food grade hose can be divided into three types, one is positive pressure hose, the other is negative pressure hose, and the other is full vacuum hose. Food grade hose is a kind of food hose with very high technical content!

  • High Quality Pvc Spiral Steel Wire Reinforced Hose,Transparent Pvc Steel Spring Hose

    High Quality Pvc Spiral Steel Wire Reinforced Hose,Transparent Pvc Steel Spring Hose

    These hoses are well suited for use in pressure water and bilge systems. Made of clear, flexible PVC reinforced with steel spiral. Thanks to the steel spiral, the hoses can be bent at the smallest bending radius without being drawn together. Available in different sizes.

  • Soft Plastic Hose PVC Clear Hose for Liquid water

    Soft Plastic Hose PVC Clear Hose for Liquid water

    Differnt range of sizes & color pvc hose The I.D.(Inner diameter) of this clear hose could be 3mm ~ 25mm. And all of the transparency, hardness and color of this hose could be customized. So this product is suitable for use in industry and agriculture, project, fishery breeding, also can be used as a door lock handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children’s toys.

  • Flexible Pvc Suction Colored Hose Tube  Hose

    Flexible Pvc Suction Colored Hose Tube Hose

    Pvc suction being made of high quality compound material and with rigid plastic spiral inlaid in the hose,inner and outer surface is smooth, with small bending radius, it has good adaptability to hard to hard weather conditions ,durable and anti-erosion.

  • 5 Layers High Pressure Spray Hose Pipe For Agriculture

    5 Layers High Pressure Spray Hose Pipe For Agriculture

    PVC High Pressure Agricultural Spray Hose is also called PVC spray hose, spray hose, high pressure spray hose, agricultural spray hose, agricultural chemical hose, sprayer hose, herbicides spray hose, pesticides spray hose, gas hose, LPG hose etc.

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