What are the skills of using pvc hoses?

PVC fiber reinforced hose is a kind of hose with anti-aging advantages, which is better and more convenient to use. It also includes latex elastic tubing and sanitary tubing, as well as PVC special air tubing that can be used to suit the application. Because they are made of high-quality fiber material, which is processed through deep processing.
PVC fiber reinforced hose works well in different environments, and is very convenient, and the overall application effect is strong. When used, it also has good tensile properties, etc. In addition, they are resistant to corrosion and have a strong exterior design. This pipe product is widely used in agriculture, industry, construction and aquaculture, and is mainly used for the transportation of liquids such as liquids. In our life, we can occupy very powerful application effect and application value.

The PVC hose is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, and the fiber-reinforced PVC hose is basically the same as the general PVC hose molding material. Re-involves a certain amount of plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants and other excipients to form a formulation, which is then extruded. Fiber reinforced PVC hose is different from traditional PVC hose because the pipe wall contains a layer of chemical fiber when extruded. The steel wire pipe of PVC is formed by the combination of various raw materials mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, and it is also a lattice chemical fiber.

Therefore, in this case, the PVC water pipe plays a reinforcing role, so this plastic pipe has the function of corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of the original PVC hose. You can also be under a certain amount of stress during work. Widely used in gas or liquid transportation in industrial equipment and transportation machinery. The selection of the filament winding machine is determined by the specification of the production pipe, and the number of axes of the wire is selected according to the diameter of the pipe. The latex elastic tube heating device can be heated by resistance heating or hot air circulation. Its function is to shorten the chemical fiber wrapped around the outer tube and close the outer tube

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Main applications

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