What are the areas of PVC steel wire hoses?

1. What is PVC steel wire hose

The PVC wire hose is also the PVC wire enhanced pipe that we often say. Its pipe is a three -layer structure. The two layers of the inside and outside are PVC soft plastic. The pipes formed also have several names: PVC wire tube, PVC wire enhanced pipe, PVC wire spiral enhancement tube, PVC wire mesh enhanced hose, PVC wire mesh hose, etc. In fact, the increasing increasing reinforcement steel wire layer causes a certain change of PVC tube in terms of strength, anti -distortions, and quality.

PVC wire hoses are a typical product of embedded wire skeleton. Under normal circumstances, the tube wall is relatively transparent and smooth, and there is no bubble problem. When the fluid is transported, the fluid in the tube can be clearly seen; it has a good corrosion resistance to the acid and alkali. The PVC wire tube is a new type of PVC enhanced material, which has improved very well in terms of pressure resistance and hardness. The most important ways to produce in the steel wire pipes. Among them, the main types of steel wire tube in the market include high -pressure steel wire tube, low -pressure steel wire tube, steel wire skeleton pipe, and transparent steel wire tube. In different environmental methods, new types The PVC wire tube is the most widely used product now.
Second, PVC wire hose use:

1. Water pump: As long as it is a pump with water pump, most of the PVC wire tubes or PVC fiber hoses are used in most of the PVC hoses. Most of the latter PVC hoses are used on the construction site, because there are relatively many cars at the construction site. It is easier to flatten if the PVC steel wire tube is used, but if it is like a farm and ordinary households or sprinklers, mostly use it. The former, because its negative pressure capacity is relatively good, the life is relatively long.

2. Oil transportation: Most of this liquid transportation is mostly PVC steel wire tube, mainly because it contains anti -static function, which can reduce risk and pass static electricity through the middle conduction copper wire.

3. Equipment machine, etc.: Most of the current feeders use this PVC wire hose, which mainly uses the principle of gas to bring raw materials through the driving of air to bring raw materials.

4. Chemical industry: PVC wire tubes are relatively acid -resistant and alkaline, which cannot be replaced by other raw materials. However, the use of chemicals is relatively thick, mainly considering the length of service life.

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