Transparent PVC wire hose pipeline connection method

The so-called PVC transparent hose steel wire, in short, is to add non-toxic PVC transparent hose on the basis of the embedded steel wire to enhance the durability of the hose and make the hose wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant. , the fluid dynamics of the tube can be easily observed, the hose is widely used, especially in the food processing industry, taking advantage of the special advantages of this hose, but the operating temperature range must be controlled at 0 ° C to 65 ° C, once it exceeds Range will have an immeasurable impact on the lifespan of the hose.
In order to solve the confusion of customers when using, assembling, and inspecting the hose, the following points for attention have been sorted out.

Precautions for the use of PVC transparent steel wire hose:

PVC steel wire pipe must be used within the specified temperature and pressure range. When applying pressure, open/close any valves slowly to prevent shock pressure and damage to the hose.

Do not use non-food grade hoses to produce or handle food, serve drinking water, and cook or wash food.

Hoses should be used above their minimum bend radius.

When the hose is applied to powders and granules, please increase its bend radius as much as possible to reduce the possible wear of the hose.

Do not use under extreme bending conditions near metal parts.

Do not touch the hose directly or near an open flame.

Do not roll the hose with a vehicle, etc.

When cutting steel wire reinforced transparent steel wire hose and fiber reinforced composite steel wire hose, the exposed steel wire will cause harm to people, please pay special attention.
Notes when assembling:

Please select a metal fitting suitable for the hose size and install it.

When inserting part of the fitting into the hose, do not use brute force, but use the appropriate size. If it cannot be inserted, heat the clear wire hose with hot water and insert.

Notes on inspection:

Before use, check whether there is any abnormality in the appearance of the hose (trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.).

Be sure to check regularly once a month.

If abnormal signs are found during inspection, stop using immediately, repair or replace with new hoses.


Post time: Aug-30-2022

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