The role and characteristics of pvc line pipe

The role of PVC wire tube:

1. Protect the wires and extend the life of the wire.

2. The PVC wire tube can increase the load of the wires, so that the wires are dissipated, and the aging degree of the wire is extended.

3. The simple maintenance of PVC wire tubes is not a major issue and does not need to touch the wall. Of course, this must be related to technology. If the technology is poor, the pipeline is futile. If the technology is good, the pipeline is completely effective.

4. The difference between good or bad wire tube when electrical fire occurs. As for the use of that wire tube, this is still different depending on the technology. The process of finishing the process is lighter in 100 million, and the process of making fire lines is universal.

PVC line tube product characteristics:

1. Strong pressure resistance

The medium -sized trachea series with excellent impact performance can withstand strong pressure, so it can be obviously coated in the concrete without worrying about rupture under pressure. Among them, the heavy pipe series is particularly suitable for the dark coating on the compactor and the vibration concrete.

2. Corrosion resistance, insect pest control

PVC wire tubes have common acid -base tolerance. At the same time, PVC tubes do not contain plasticizers and no pests.

3. Good flame retardant

After the PVC line tube is separated from the flame, the natural fire spreads along the pipeline; at the same time, due to the poor heat transfer performance, the line can be effectively protected for a long time during the fire to ensure the operation of the electrical control system and the convenience of evacuation.

4. High insulation performance

It can withstand high voltage without being destroyed, effectively avoid leakage, and is in danger of electric shock.

5. Simple construction

Weight diameter: Only one -fifth of the weight of the steel pipe is convenient for vehicle transportation and personnel to move. The weight is light and effort during construction and installation.

Easy to bend: Insert the bending springs provided by the company into the trachea, and then bended artificially at room temperature.

Easy to splicing: Use the special pipe cutter provided by the company to easily cut off the PVC pipeline below 32mm. Using the adhesives and accessories produced by the company can quickly and easily connect the PVC pipeline to the required shape.

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