Storage and maintenance of PVC fiber hose

PVC fiber hose product characteristics: soft, transparent, tensile stretch, non -toxic and tasteless, good climate resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, good pressure resistance, small bending radius, wear resistance; wall thickness, length, color diversified color, color, color, and color diversification Compared with ordinary hose, it has more advantages. It is resistant to pressure, corrosion resistance, does not kill, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali, anti -ultraviolet rays, and convenient movement. It can effectively avoid moss growth.
In the service life, plastic materials will be affected by certain factors that affect their physical properties. Even if there is a enhanced layer (polyester fiber layer or spiral steel), it may be affected by different factors, especially at the time of storage. The following suggestions can be reduced or prevent the deterioration of storage products as much as possible. Next, I will take you to share the storage and maintenance of PVC fiber hose.
Storage period: The storage time should be reduced to the low limit through a regular rotation system.
If it is not avoided for a long time, it is recommended to check the hose before actual use; the hose not to connect the accessories (see the date on the hose mark) should be put into use within two years, and those who are assembled should be put into investment within one year. use. Temperature and humidity: The ideal storage temperature is between 10 ° C and 25 ° C. The hose should not be exposed to environments with a temperature of more than 40 ° C or less than 0 ° C. If the temperature is lower than -15 ° C, it is recommended to take some preventive measures when using the hose: it cannot be stored near the heat source or in a high or low humidity environment (should not exceed 65%).
Low exposure: It is recommended to store hose in places without light, especially to avoid direct or strong lighting. If the conditions are limited and there are windows, it is recommended to use the curtain to cover the sun.
Contact with other materials: hoses must not be exposed to solvents, fuel, oil, oil, oil, volatile chemicals, acids, disinfectants and organic liquids. The nature of plastic materials will change with physical characteristics over time or other factors. Even if there is a enhanced layer (polyester fiber layer or spiral steel), it may be negatively affected by improper storage. The following measures can minimize the deterioration of the storage products.

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