PVC hose application and characteristics

PVC hose is a pipe product with strong toughness, good heat resistance, and good ductility. It consists of three parts: upper, middle, and lower layers. The upper layer of the PVC tube is a layer of paint film, which plays the role of waterproof and aging; Prevention. There are many types of PVC pipe specifications, because its use can be divided into two types: water pipe and line pipe, so the product has a lot of classification.

PVC enhanced hose is one of the classification of plastic hose, which is mainly used in industrial, agricultural, fisheries and furniture. PVC enhanced hoses are mainly divided into 2 common categories. One is PVC fiber enhanced hose. The main material that improves the pressure it is to be affected is fiber, which can increase by about 70%. Essence The other is the PVC wire hose. The same as the fiber hose is the same structure. Affected by the pressure of internal and external stress, it turns flat. The pressure of this species is higher than the pressure of the PVC fiber hose. Therefore, for example, using oil pumps, petroleum engineering, and dust engineering machinery are used on mechanical pumps, petroleum engineering, and dust engineering machinery.

PVC pipe specifications and classification: PVC pipes can be divided into two types: soft PVC pipes and hard PVC pipes according to different properties. The main difference is whether it contains plasticizers. How companies contain the soft PVC tube, so the physical properties are relatively weak and cannot withstand certain water pressure. Therefore, soft PVC pipes are usually used on ceiling, flooring, and leather surface, and are often used as wire tubes. The hard PVC tube does not contain plasticizers. It is easy to mold during production and has good physical properties. Hard PVC pipes are usually used as drainage pipes and water delivery pipes, and have great development and utilization value. The share of soft PVC pipes in the market is only one -third, while the hard PVC pipes account for two -thirds. The raw materials of the PVC tube are not completely thin, but you can use environmentally friendly auxiliary to make it a non -toxic environmental protection product.


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Main applications

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