Precautions for the use of PVC transparent hose

The PVC hose is a PVC transparent non-toxic hose for the embedded spiral steel wire skeleton. It uses a temperature of 0-+65 ° C. This product is highly flexible, wear-resistant and has excellent solvents (most chemical auxiliary). It can be used for vacuum pumps Agricultural machinery, discharge and irrigation equipment, petrochemical equipment, plastic processing machinery and food health machinery industries. The PVC fiber enhanced hose is a soft PVC inner and outer wall. The middle enhanced layer is the transparent and non -toxic hose of polyester fiber. The durable characteristics are good pipelines of air, water, gas, oil, oil and other liquid and gas in the range of 0-65 ° C. PVC is light, soft, transparent, and cheap. It is applied to supporting products such as machinery, civil engineering, aquarium equipment and other industries.
1. The appearance color: mainly blue, yellow, green, and the characteristics of beautiful and generous. And can also customize various colors according to the needs of the user.
2. Characteristics: The length of the water pipe can be spliced ​​arbitrarily during use, it is convenient to move, strong mobility, and can be disassembled when storing, occupying small space.
3. Performance characteristics: Strong corrosion resistance, cold resistance and pressure, not easy to aging, non -deformation, long -term service life than rubber tubes and other plastic tubes.
4. Scope of use: The products are widely applicable. At present, it is mainly used for drainage and irrigation in farmland, gardens, grasslands, mining areas, oil fields, buildings and other places.
Precautions for using PVC transparent hose:
Be sure to use plastic hoses within the specified temperature and pressure range. When applying pressure, please slowly open/turn off any valve to avoid forming impact pressure and damaging hose. The hose will swell and shrink slightly with the changes in its internal pressure. When using, please cut the hose to a slightly longer length than you need.
The hose used is suitable for the loaded fluid. When the hose used in uncertainty is suitable for certain fluids, please consult a professionals.
· Please do not use non -food -level hoses for production or processing food products, supply drinking water and cooking or washing food. Please use the hose above its minimum bending radius. When the hose is used in powder and granules, please increase its curved radius as much as possible to reduce the wear that may be caused by the hose.
· Near metal parts, do not use it in extreme bending state.
· Do not contact the hose directly or close to the bright fire.
· Do not use vehicles to crush the hose.
· When cutting steel wire enhanced hose and fibrous steel wire composite reinforcement hose, its exposed steel wires will cause harm to people, please pay special attention.
Precautions during assembly:
· Please select the metal connector suitable for hose size and install it.
· When inserting part of the fish scale groove into the hose, apply oil on the hose and the fish scale groove. Do not bake it with fire. If you cannot insert it, you can use the hot water to heat the hub.
Precautions during inspection:
· Before using the hose, please confirm that the appearance of the hose is abnormal (trauma, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.);
· During the normal use of hoses, be sure to implement regular checks once a month.
· The service life of the hose is largely affected by the characteristics, temperature, flow rate, and pressure of the fluid. When an abnormal signs are found before the operation and regular inspections, please stop using it immediately, repair or replace the new hose.
Precautions when saving the hose:
· After the hose is used, please remove the residue inside the hose.
· Please keep it indoors or dark ventilation.
· Do not keep the hoses in the state of extreme bending.


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