How to distinguish the concept of non-toxicity and environmental protection of PVC plastic hose

Many customers are not clear about the concepts of non-toxicity and environmental protection of PVC plastic hoses, and think that non-toxic is environmentally friendly. In fact, it is not the case. To deeply understand these two concepts, we must first distinguish the raw materials and uses of the pipes.
The introduction of PVC plastic hose is to serve the public and use it in people’s daily life, but it is limited to flushing the ground, flowers, gardens, machinery accessories, sheaths, etc. In the beginning, workers on construction sites even Used for delivery water. From these aspects, those that can be in contact with people for a long time should be judged as non-toxic or negligible, but this is limited to the original raw materials.
The concept of environmental protection is relatively broad, just click on Baidu, here to talk about the concept of environmental protection of PVC plastic hoses, which means that the substances precipitated after the degradation of PVC hoses will not cause harm to the human body. PVC is polyethylene, which is resin powder. The components that produce harmful substances in the hose come from another raw material that makes up the hose, butyl ester, chlorinated paraffin, (or octyl ester, p-benzene, TOTM). Ordinary hoses are usually made of PVC, butyl ester, chlorine It is composed of paraffin wax and other excipients. Butyl ester and paraffin will rarely precipitate benzene when the temperature is lower than 45 degrees Celsius, so it is safe and non-toxic.
Environmental protection means that PVC hoses that have passed the inspection of authoritative institutions without phthalate precipitation can be used for drinking water pipes and are judged to be environmentally friendly. This requirement is relatively strict, and only environmentally friendly raw materials are used.
Therefore, when choosing a hose, try to use non-toxic or environmentally friendly ones for household use. The price is only uncomfortable at the moment of payment, and in the process of using the product, there is happiness accompanied, and the use of the tube is worry-free.


Post time: Sep-14-2022

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