Application and characteristics of pvc reinforced hose

The PVC reinforced hose is made of polyvinyl chloride resin as raw material, and then a certain proportion of plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants and other auxiliary materials are added to form a formula, which is then extruded. Due to the properties of the material, it is corrosion resistant and elastic, with good tensile strength, which is why PVC reinforced hoses are soft but not weak.

Pvc reinforced hose is one of the classifications of plastic hoses, mainly used in industry, agriculture, fishing and furniture. Pvc reinforced hoses are mainly divided into 2 common types. One is pvc fiber reinforced hoses. The material that mainly increases the pressure is fiber, which can be increased by about 70%. The second is the main factor of the pressure on the rubber layer. . The other is pvc steel wire hose, which is the same as the fiber hose, but the structure is the same, but the fiber is replaced by a spiral steel wire, which is the main skeleton of the pvc steel wire hose. Affected by internal and external pressure, it becomes flattened. The pressure of this kind is higher than that of the pvc fiber hose. Therefore, for example, these steel wire reinforced hoses are used in machinery, such as oil suction pumps, petroleum engineering and dust engineering machinery.

For PVC reinforced hoses, it has a more powerful application and can fully meet the service life requirements. In addition, their use has strong corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and they also have certain elastic properties, which will make it more convenient to use them.
With the rapid development of the PVC hose industry, the changes in the PVC reinforced hose market are also increasing, especially the younger generation of consumers have gradually occupied the market consumer group. In such a market, PVC hose manufacturers must keep pace with the development of the times. Most PVC reinforced hose products tend to be more personalized and practical. The PVC hose industry can change rapidly to cater to the market at this time, which is beneficial to the development of the entire industry.



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