How to connect plastic water pipes(pvc hose)

The connection of plastic water pipes is not difficult, just need to pay attention to some small details, you can handle it. And the quality of plastic water pipes can not be bad, otherwise it will affect the overall effect. So how to connect plastic water pipes, and how to choose plastic water pipes, do you know? Now let’s take a look.
How to connect the pvc drain pipe?

1. Connection method of sealing rubber ring

According to the characteristics of PVC water pipes currently on the market, there are many ways to connect them. One of the first to be introduced is the connection method of the PVC water pipe of the sealing rubber ring. This connection method of PVC water pipes is generally suitable for large-diameter pipes, preferably pipes with a pipe diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm or more can use this method. Of course, it is better to use an elastic sealing ring for connection. The premise is that the flaring of the selected pipe or pipe fitting must be an R-type flaring instead of a flat flaring. At present, the sealing rubber ring of the rubber ring is used more often. When installing the PVC water pipe indoors, put the rubber ring into the expanded R-shaped flaring, and then apply a layer of lubricant to the edge, and then remove the water pipe from the socket. Just insert it.

2. Bonding connection

The second connection method of PVC water pipes is by bonding. This connection method is more suitable for pipes with a diameter of less than 100 mm of PVC water pipes, and there is also a bonding method of union joints. To adopt such a connection method for the decoration materials of PVC water pipes, a very important part is the glue, that is, PVC glue and joints. The pipes with the same flattened opening are better connected. When using glue for bonding, the socket of the pipe must be rounded to form a bevel, and attention should be paid to the flatness of the fracture and the state of the vertical axis. In this case, the PVC can be made The water pipe hardware and building materials are firmly bonded, and there will be no water leakage in the process of future use.


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